24 Hours In Copenhagen

24 hours in Copenhagen


Copenhagen… A City of colour, and happiness. Copenhagen always makes me feel beautiful and charming. It’s a really welcoming and bicycle loving city. Danish people are very chic even when they’re cycling 🙂 You can see their simple style everywhere; fashion, architecture… When I passed passport control at the airport, even the police officer was cheerful and friendly. I cannot say the best time for Copenhagen is summer. As I visited Copenhagen in winter time and I think this colourful city is always beautiful.


Let’s start our 24 hours in Copenhagen!

photo: shineoffashion.com


11:00 Check-in to the hotel

The truth is Copenhagen is not cheapest city in Europe. That’s why it will be good to find accommodation in advance. When I travel Europe I generally stay in hostels, or I do Couchsurfing. This time I stayed in the Sleep in Heaven hostel. It was absolutely the best hostel I have ever stayed in – I highly recommend it.


12:00 Botanic Garden, Rosenborg Castle and the National Gallery

You can start your route by Copenhagen University and then walk around till you get to the Botanic Garden. There is very nice garden in which you can take the most beautiful photos for Instagram. There is then a short walk towards Rosenborg Castle, which is located in a very nice park.  You can chill a bit in the park and visit the castle.


13:00 Time for exploring the colourful streets with some take away coffee

Copenhagen is not a very big city. Most Attractions and sights are within walking distance, so feel free to lose yourself in the streets. Take a coffee from Espresso house and walk around.


14:00  Nyhavn and  Alternative Christiana


I know it’s cliché, but trust me it will be worth it. Before you go to Copenhagen, you should watch Danish Girl.  It’ll help you imagine the old Copenhagen. You can also find film scenes in the city, especially in Nyhavn.

Nyhavn used to be a harbour of commerce.  Now it is an Instagram Spot! You will find so many colourful buildings, classy restaurants and cafes in Nyhavn. Canal tours are also an option if you would like, they tend to star from there. 

When I read about Christiana I was surprised and very curious about such a different place. Christina is an independent place. There are special rules in Christina; you must not run or take a picture; you must have fun and enjoy yourself!


15:00 Kastellet and the Little mermaid

Visiting the Little mermaid is the top tourist activity for sure 🙂 Edvard Eriksen made this sculpture based on Hans Christan Endersen fairy tale. It has become a target for political activitivists.

Kastellet actually is the best preserved star fortress in Europe. There are military houses and a church, but these days serves as a public park and a historic landmark.


17:00 The oldest Luna Park in the world: Tivoli

Forget about Disneyland. Luna Parks are a part of our childhood; I used to go a lot. They would look like a new big world to me, and I would be very excited whenever I went. Tivoli is the oldest Luna park in the world! It reminds me of my childhood. It is located in a huge garden which you can spend some time in, or you can go on the rides in the Luna Park. This is not an activity just for kids – I believe it’s for adults to enjoy themselves as well.



19:00 Stroget for some shopping

Copenhagen has nice long shopping streets. You will find Danish brands all along the street. My personal favourite Danish brands are Sostrene Grene and flying tiger. You can find gifts and souvenirs from here. They have whatever you need!


20:00 Dinner and time to pack!

For pizza and cocktails my advice is Neighbourhood or Gorilla (it’s nice but please note it’s also a little bit crowded and noisy). You can really enjoy the atmosphere in the neighbourhood. You should also visit Papiroen! It used to be a paper factory, but now it’s become a food heaven. You can find every type of cuisine  there.

11:00 It’s time for a fast breakfast and to say goodbye!

You can try Union kitchen for breakfast. And we’ve come to the end of our 24 hours in Copenhagen, which is always sad – but maybe your paths will cross again another time! Hopefully we’ll see another guide!






Written by Bengisu Basaran


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