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5 Food Documentaries That Will Change Your Perspective

Food… Like air, and water it is vital for us. We eat not only to survive but also to enjoy. But what we know about food may not be the truth. Here are 5 food documentaries that can change your perspective (but beware these documentaries will make you more skeptical):


Food Documentaries Based on Eating Habits

Food Inc. (2008)

Food Inc… The name says it all. This documentary focuses on how “food” became a huge industry. Now the farms are factories, and corporations are taking the farmers’ place. Food Inc. focuses on American food industry but everybody can evaluate their own country according to this documentary.

Genetically modified organism… To create more and faster plants, and animals they are genetically modified. This genetical modification has an effect in the whole world. When you change the genetics of corn, the animals that feed on corn will be affected. Most people eats both plants and vegetables. So that it is inevitable for us to be affected by this modified genes. The food industry leads to more diseases and to more difficult healing. Obesity, diabetes, heart diseases, high blood pressure, and even cancer are among those diseases. This also causes the antibiotic resistance. To make animals grow faster they are being fed with the animal feeds which includes antibiotics.

Food Inc. deals not only with the health of people, but also with the life of animals. When food becames an industry, animals becames a product. The documentary underlines the fact that they are not seen as living creatures any more.

Forks Over Knives (2011)

Forks Over Knives (2011) focuses on a plant based diet. We have always been told about how animal based foods are good for our health. But industrialized animal based foods are not that good. This documentary deals with the food industry similarly to the Food Inc. This documentary also includes real-life stories of people who have various diseases but who become healthier by not consuming processed meat.

Fed Up! (2014)

This is an another documentary about USA’s eating habits. In America there are lots of ready-to-serve foods and most of them contains added sugar. They say that the sugar addiction is not much different than the drug addiction. A kid who suffers from obesity says that sugar addiction is an addiction too, and you see drug ads all around you; on billboards, and even you can buy those drugs from your school’s cafeteria. The diet, low-fat, healthy stuff are not that healthy too. When you reduce fat in food you have to add more sugar. Otherwise your food product will be tasteless. In my opinion this is a really good documentary about added sugar and about not to trust all those non-fat, low-fat, diet stuff.

Food Documentaries Based on Personal Experiments

Supersize Me (2004)

This documentary focuses on a 30 day period in 2003. During that period an independent filmmaker Morgan Spurlock eats only McDonald’s food. By doing so he aims to show people how unhealthy the fast food is. Of course we are not eating fast food in every meal. But in today’s society obesity is a serious disease all over the world and mostly in USA. Sometimes exaggerated presentations of the truth can be better for us to see the truth. After watching this documentary you won’t be able to eat fast food at least for a while.

Also don’t forget that you may eat home-made hamburgers, french fries, etc. They are always better than chain restaurants. Because in chain restaurants like McDonald’s they are using lots of other stuff like sweeteners, preservatives.

That Sugar Film (2014)

As you can understand from it’s name, this is a documentary about sugar. In this documentary there is a personal experiment. An independent filmmaker Damon Gameau just eats so called healthy foods like low fat yoghurt, juices, cereals etc. But in fact there is a hidden sugar in these foods. After watching this documentary I started to read the packages to see what they contain. You can see most of the packaged foods contain artificial sugars like fructose, glucose, corn syrup, high fructose corn syrup, etc. While watching this food documentary you will see what can artificial sugar do to a human.

After watching That Sugar Film I thought about myself, my body. I understood that I was also having blood sugar problems, and I quitted drinking most of the packaged drinks. Of course our body needs sugar too. But not the artificial one and not the amount of sugar that can make us drugged. I really recommend you this documentary, and also before or after watching That Sugar Film you must watch Fed Up! Now your life may change in a better way.


As mentioned earlier these food documentaries can make you more skeptical and even paranoid. Nowadays the popularity of the organic foods are increasing. The organic foods may become an industry too. Maybe one day we will be watching food documentaries about organic foods. So, one way or another it is hard to trust what we eat.






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