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5 More Ways To Earn Money At University

ways to earn money at university

ways to earn money at university

College, the best time of our life but… empty purses. In the last Edition I collected for you five Ways To Earn Money At University. Here are five more tips how to top up while studying:


  1. Go on the Streets

Become also one of those who try to speak to you while you’re rushing on the streets!

There are plenty of street campaigns you can do, e.g. Are you talkative and talented in convincing people? Then you should probably do surveys or advertise for Charity Fundraising of NGOs like Greenpeace, WorldVision, WWF and Co. For this you need to contact organizations like and FlowCaritas, that hire you for those purposes.

ways to earn money at university

  1. Do Part-time jobs

Did you know that you can become a Barista at Starbucks within only 2 weeks? They give you an intern further education, where you get to know the machines and types of coffee. You can apply for a part-time position there or search for another Café or Restaurant where you can help out.

Or work at festivals, concerts, theaters or cinemas. There you basically can work at the cashier, guide visitors, check their tickets and do many other things.

Additionally, you can work at fairs and information days. There are many firms that especially attract students for their presentations, surveys and sales at fairs and also for their events in their offices. For instance, talk about your great schooldays abroad at EF and try to sell their trips. That brings real cash!


  1. Do your own business

Amongst all the ways to earn money at university – this one might be the best. Come up with a business idea! Found your own Instagram Shop where you sell party items or print Polaroid pictures for your customers for example. Do whatever could be a market gap!

If you’re a creative soul you can sell handcrafts on online platforms like or DaWanda. Let your talent make money for you!

Other startups are also fine! Try new things….

  1. Do Summer Internships

It’s not only important to find out what you like but also for your future career! You meet new people and make your first steps into that business.

Of course you can also earn money! Look out for firms that pay their interns well, you can google the salaries and DAMN!! It’s minimum $22.50/hr at Goldman Sachs for a Summer Internship!

10. Do Summer jobs

There are plenty of jobs if you’re living in or near a tourist area. You can guide some groups of tourists or apply for a job at hotels…. there’s lots of work!

You can also sell Ice Cream in Gelaterias or work in Pool Businesses as a cashier for instance.

Another opportunity would be becoming a Pet sitter during your holidays. Walk your neighbors dog, care a parrot or hamster and look for jobs on online platforms like Gumtree.

The world is full of talents. Don’t waste yours!  Just try, and if you can’t succeed try something else, but never give up!


Written by Mevy



  1. February 17, 2018 / 10:46 am

    Very useful and informative article.
    Keep writing with us.

  2. Hande Nur Çetin
    February 28, 2018 / 5:03 pm

    Sana bir şey diyeyim mi Melisa… Harika olmuş site ilk defa girdim, az önce videonu izledim de ve mükemmel!! Cidden tebrik ederim, sıkı takipçinim, ayrıca yaşıtız ve yıllardır tanıdığım güzeller güzeli boncuk bir arkadaşımmışsın gibi hissediyorum. Biliyorum bu yorum buraya olmadı istersen kaldır ama oku yani ??? Bil istedim, seviliyosun ?

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