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5 Trends To Introduce To Your Wardrobe This Summer

Summer fashion is one that I usually struggle with the most. It needs to be light yet cute, things I’m not afraid to get sandy and dirty. It’s all about practicality and style. In this post, I’m writing about some of the key trends I’ve introduced to my wardrobe this month.

  • Linen

Linen is such a summer must have. With its light and airy material, it’s my go to each and every season. Just keep in mind that linen is quite hard to wash, and although it usually doesn’t hold sweat, I can’t tell you the number of linen shirts I’ve ruined with chocolate ice cream. Some of my favourite uses of linen are in oversized shirts for the beach, linen shorts and dresses. Click here to shop this jumpsuit.

  • Backpacks

This is more of an all year around trend. I’d never been one to be a fan of them as I thought they looked too chunky. Recently I discovered dbramante1928’s new Berlin collection. These are sleek, colourful backpacks you can fit anything in. They’re super stylish whether you’re going around town or going to work, good for your back and full of different colours for you to pick your favourite. You can check out the full collection by clicking here.

  • “Dad” Sandals

Footwear in the summer is definitely one that I struggle with. Nothing is as comfortable as sneakers, sneakers are too sweaty and I’m just left with not being able to walk in any shoes that I wear. Or at least, that was the case until this summer. I love that the “dad” sandal is SO SO comfortable and dresses down any outfit that might look a little too dressy. Effortless cool with added comfort is a win! These affordable ones are from Debenhams, you can find them by clicking on this link.

  • Hair Bands

An other thing that I struggle the most in the summer is hair. I just want my hair to be tied 24/7 as I don’t want to bother with the added sweat and my hair sticking to my face because of it (charming, I know). The hairband trend has taken over and I’m there for it! It looks stylish, keeps your face out of your face and hids the extra day(s) you’ve gone without washing your hair. Win, win, win. These ones are from ASOS.

  • Longer Shorts

Is it me or does everything about this summer scream comfort? Longer shorts mean no more pulling your tight shorts down everytime you walk or get up from a chair, also means no skin contact with public transport and less worrying about your butt being out in shorts. I’ve added about 10 of these in my closet, plus you can probably wear them longer as there’s more fabric to cover your skin as the weather starts to get chilly-er. Click here to access these ones from Arket.


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