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8 Ways to Keep a Long Distance Friendship Alive

Ways to Keep a Long Distance Friendship Alive

Ways to Keep a Long Distance Friendship Alive

“True friends never apart maybe in distance but never in heart.” Helen Keller

Do you have a long-term friend that you can describe as sister from another mother? Wherever you go, are you always going to remember and love her like before? Some people do not believe in long distance friendships. But it seems to me that this is all about how much energy two people are willing to invest in a friendship. Here are 8 ways to keep a long distance friendship !

  1. Remember the special days that are important to each other and celebrate at every opportunity.

Especially birthdays, if you have the opportunity, send a gift to your friend. It will remind your friend how important she/he is to you. Make sure that they know you’re thinking about them! You can even FaceTime her while she’s cutting her/his cake 🙂

   2 . Be honest with each other.

Honesty is one of the most important things that connect and form a trust between two people. If you catch a lie once, it will break the bond and start moving you away from each other. That’s why being honest with each other is so important. Lying is one of the ugliest things on earth, isn’t it?

long distance friendship

  1. Don’t be selfish.

Even if you’ve had the worst day, don’t forget to ask them “How about you, how is your day gone?” after you’re finished venting. Let them know if their favourite shop is in sale, buy them something small but you know will mean much to them – all the little things will help strengthen your long distance friendship.

  1. Send her a letter or postcard.

Nowadays internet is a normal communication way and sometimes it gets insignificant. It’s so easy to text/call that it just doesn’t show any effort. People don’t check mail box in their home garden as often as they used to nowadays. Sending a letter or a postcard will show that you’ve gone the extra mile. They will appreciate it.

long distance friendship

  1. You should know each other’s schedule.

Contact them when you know they will be available, so that you won’t be distracting each other and your conversation will not be cut in half.

  1. Make regular video calls.

Even if you have nothing to say each other. Just talk about what you did during the day. Believe me when you come to face to face, even you are in a bad mood, it will change after the call. Because nobody knows you better than your best friend.

  1. Meet somewhere halfway.

Sometimes the distance between you and her can become too much. It is better to meet halfway. You can discover new cities or countries and make new memories.

    8. At every opportunity let her feel how valuable she is for you.

Close friends are like family. Don’t forget to encourage and support them even if it’s for something really small. Let them know you’re are always with them. A long distance friendship leads to stronger relationships in the long run, don’t hesitate to go the extra mile when needed  ?




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