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A Fresh Approach To Hairdressers In London!

hairdressers in London

new hairdressers in London

You know that you spend way too long at the hairdressers when you have to dedicate a whole day to getting your hair done! Although it can be satisfying to have a therapy session with your stylist, sometimes you’re simply in need of a quick freshen up so you can get on with your day. The Geam has found a new salon that offers exactly that experience with a fresh interpretation to hairdressers in London *drumroll please*Chop Chop!


Situated in Old Street tube station, London, Chop Chop is an all-inclusive salon offering a speedy, high quality service that is extremely convenient and affordable.

hairdressers in London


 You may ask, how can this be?


This is because they aim to see, cut and style every client within 20 MINUTES!


Yes, it is no myth, you could get a completely new look in 20 minutes. Very short amount of time could be spent during your lunch break, on your way to work or even while you’re out on a shopping trip. Their pricing is also exclamation mark worthy, with every-single-service costing just £20! It is a win-win situation.


The founders Kaye and Laure founded Chop Chop from the realisation that people with different ethnicities couldn’t all walk in to the same high-street salon, all because of hair type. This salon offers a 21st century approach to hair styling, ensuring that every man or woman, regardless of hair type, can walk in and expect equal and individual service tailored for them. With this concept they are wanting to transform the hair styling industry.


When walking in to Chop Chop, all of the stylists welcome you with a genuine smile and have a friendly, fashion-forward vibe. Once seated you’ll be offered a menu of hair styles or cuts to choose from. You’ll be happy in the confidence that any of the stylists will be able to fulfil your hair desires, as all of them have been trained to work with any type of hair.

hairdressers in London

Chop Chop also run an app.

They allow the customer to keep in contact with their stylists and also book appointments. Their aim is to offer a truly inclusive, high quality and transparent hair styling experience. They also keep their stylists in mind too, allowing them to work in a creative environment while offering opportunities for them to grow in their trade.


This salon is absolutely one of a kind and there is no other hairdressers in London. If you’re in need of a new look, but have a lack of time and are not wanting to pay extortionate prices, make your way down to Chop Chop, they’ll be more than happy to have you become a part of their movement.

hairdressers in London


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Written by Lily Hewitson




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