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A Helping Guide To Making a Career Change

A Helping Guide To Making a Career Change

A Helping Guide To Making a Career Change

The Reflection

When I look back to that precise moment where the decision was crystal clear yet the path it would entail was still a haze. Thanks to hindsight and ample gratitude that my fear did not deter me, it was the best decision I took. Making a career change can be a tricky business and you can often find yourself weighed down by the how’s and but’s. However, how easily do we find ourselves talked out of doing something rather then talked in? Before I progress with my career journey/potential guide, newsflash, the fear is a component of the journey. Which  (believe it or not) actually works in your favour if you allow yourself to rise to the challenge. As with most challenges we experience, the journey can often be the most triumphant part more so than the destination. In this case, embrace the journey and the destination may be surprisingly sweeter.

The Essentials

If there is a career change looming in the air for you, I would like to highlight some vital essentials. Not only will they strengthen your perseverance to keep going but also help overturn the possible obstacles into triumphs. These are; passion, commitment, inspiration and confidence. If you can check them off your list with little hesitation then good news, you are good to go.

My career transition was actually quite a big leap. From being a Pharmacist where my everyday revolved around consistency and routine to a career of unlimited bounds of creativity, a freelance writer, the transition couldn’t be anymore of a paradox. But when the flair for something more takes hold, then the decision for making a career change becomes imminent. Steering away from your comfort zone can feel extremely daunting borderline unnerving. This is where if you push yourself it tends to get interesting. And with the strength of utilising some practicality too I strongly advise that before taking the leap make the time to research and plan. Both, the transition process i.e. finances and the new career. Although, I would like to point out that when certain parts of the plan don’t correlate, do not panic yourself. Remember hurdles are a part of it. This is where the essential of commitment to your dream career is crucial!!

The Key Note

The vital element I learnt along the way is to keep an open mind. The career dream and vision should be clear, but when you open the door to a new chapter you are also opening up to new ideas and possibilities. One of the highlights of my career transition was having the opportunity to intern at a international global luxury fashion brand, in their head office. My role involved a lot more than I had anticipated which I confess initially came as a surprise. However  adaptability was key with the passion to learn as my goal. Most importantly, stay disciplined with yourself. Remember why you are embarking upon the challenge in the first place, it is a change for the better!

Consistently checking in with your overall goals and what you envision for yourself is key but keep in check with the reality too. I found that it was the the most challenging moments of the journey that pushed me to learn and evolve in ways beyond my perceived limits. However, with my journey still in progress I can whole heartedly confirm that if you do what you love, loving what you do becomes the most rewarding of destinations.



Written By Gina



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