What’s So Different About Australian Cafés?

Australian Cafés Guide

Australian Cafés Guide


Have you ever heard people say Australian cafés are so different to the ones in Europe? Well, not only Europe, there is an ongoing debate between Melbourne and Sydney about who does ‘coffee’ better!


Australian unique coffee culture has been growing since the Greeks and Italians have migrated to Melbourne. Australia owes its heavenly taste to the immigrant families who have introduced espresso. Most European cafés brew their coffee, whereas Australian coffee is more espresso based. Moreover, simply with creativity & milk, they have also invented the ‘Flat White’. Well, that’s not all… They also grow their own coffee beans!


Aussies take their coffee seriously; to them it’s more than a simple ‘drink’. For us Australians it has become a lifestyle, and we can recognise the difference between good and bad coffee. This is also a reason why Starbucks has failed in Australia. I must add, Aussies prefer grabbing a cup of coffee from McCafé over Starbucks any day, which is quite ironic.


Now, who wouldn’t like to sip coffee that’s made by the most talented and qualified baristas, at the coolest hipster cafés, that’s here in Melbourne? We don’t only love coffee, Melbournians also have great options to satisfy your sweet tooth.


Here are couple of cafés that you may like to grab a cuppa coffee & munchies!


Too Many Chiefs



For those who do not know, Melbournians do not like to be too mainstream! Therefore, Too Many Chiefs is one of the best hipster cafés you will ever find. Too Many Chiefs, has created ‘rainbow coffee’ for those who like to keep it healthy. Although it looks and sounds a bit odd, it is known to boost your immune system, increases your vitamin C levels, fights flu and acts as an anti-inflammatory. The good news for those who do not like to consume caffeine is, rainbow coffee is made out of beetroot, turmeric and matcha!

However, for those who like the traditional coffee, here it is…


Higher Ground



If you are looking for a place on a Sunday morning to have brunch with your girls, then Higher Ground is the place to be. Higher Ground is located in the heart of Melbourne and offers you a variety of coffee along with its famous ricotta hotcakes! Hotcakes are topped with maple syrup, seeds & grains, seasonal fruits, cream & flowers. Who would not want to start their day like this? All dishes look & taste good, allowing you to capture the perfect photo to share with your friends!


Lune Croissanterie


For those who like both sweet & savoury, Lune croissanterie offers amazing croissants with a large variety of flavours, including: chocolate, fruits and nuts! All depends on your personal preference. The Lune Lab offers great traditional coffee flavours and it is beyond impossible to find a bad cup of coffee here in Melbourne.




Written By Bilge Eser


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