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Our Winter Shopping List

t’s that time of the year. Christmas and new years are over, the real cold is starting to creep in and we just can’t wait…


Long-Weekend Travel Guide: Vienna

We decided to take a trip to Vienna just before Christmas. When googling places to be in Christmas, Vienna always came on top of the…


Travel Guide: Oman

  When my family mentioned visiting Oman for our next trip, I lacked excitement as it was somewhere I only vaguely knew existed. But with…


How Skyler Launched His Startup Journey in Silicon Valley

  Skyler Logsdon was a 20 year old college student when he started his first business, MyKlips; a mobile app that helps you get your favorite…


Brunch it Out – Best Brunch Spots in Notting Hill

When it frequently hits that time of the day and hunger compels you to up from the morning coffee/tea/smoothie situation to the more appetising options,…


What Exactly Are You Putting On Your Face?

Isn’t it weird that all of us have a skincare routine, yet so little of us know exactly what we put on our faces? Throughout…


A Helping Guide To Making a Career Change

The Reflection When I look back to that precise moment where the decision was crystal clear yet the path it would entail was still a…


Why Do We Save The Dessert For Last?

Are you a saver for the last too? Most of the people think they save the dessert to the last just so the last taste…


Here Are The Female Filmmakers Nominated At Oscars 2018

  Hollywood, like many other industries, is very androcentric. The Center for The Study of Women in Television & Film reported that in 2017 only…


The Skincare Brand That’s Taking Over: The Ordinary

Why is it than when our skin is looking and feeling good we feel as though we can conquer anything?   When splurging on luxury…


24 Hours In Copenhagen

  Copenhagen… A City of colour, and happiness. Copenhagen always makes me feel beautiful and charming. It’s a really welcoming and bicycle loving city. Danish…


How to LIFT Your Mood In 4 Easy Steps

How would you feel if I was to tell you that only 4 easy steps could brighten and lift your mood? Yes count us all…


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