Our Favourite Cafés To Work From In London

So many people are self employed nowadays, like if we walk into a café we’ll see at least half the people there on their laptops. But so are we, all our contributors work from different locations, so we’ve had our fair share of cafe experiences.

We’ve gathered up a list of best cafés to work from in London (or just pretend to work while you enjoy their coffee and check if Mary’s new boyfriend is actually good looking).

  1. Forge & Co


Of course, there’s going to be a café located in Shoreditch in this list. Shoreditch is like that cool girl in school that always shows up when you’re trying to do cool things and reminds you that there’s only one way of doing it and you’re not it. However, the café itself is nice with nice enough drinks and really really comfortable seating (and plugs!). They also serve food, which is always a plus (and it actually tastes great!)

2. Starbucks Reserve


Starbucks is the most cliché place to work from. Every single person there is doing something and they’re so very serious about it. Starbucks has Reserve locations, which is a little fancier than your average Starbucks. The Reserve location in London is in Covent Garden, it has big windows with nice tables and comfortable seating. So, if you really love your Starbucks and don’t want to give it up, you don’t have to! This Starbucks Reserve is the best Starbucks cafés to work from in London!

3.  Monocle Café


This place is Parisian cool. Maybe it’s the name, maybe it’s the stripes in front of it, but it looks like the kind of place you would read your newspaper in if you were in France. Since you’re in London, you can take your laptop and retire to work. Their coffee is amazing, and they’re in Marylebone, which is the perfect place to be central but away from the crowd.


These were our favourite spots in the city, what are your favourite cafés to work from in London?

Written by Melisa Beleli






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