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Brunch it Out – Best Brunch Spots in Notting Hill

Brunch it Out - Best Brunch Spots in Notting Hill

Brunch it Out – Best Brunch Spots in Notting Hill

When it frequently hits that time of the day and hunger compels you to up from the morning coffee/tea/smoothie situation to the more appetising options, a good brunch spot tends to fill that void as well as that satiable desire. It is increasingly becoming the happy medium of our mid day routine especially on the weekends. In fact, the weekend choices for those go to brunch spots are a combination of two vital ingredients, zestful ambience as well as great food. Bring these two together and the resulting brunch experience may just tickle the overall senses as well the taste buds. When choosing to brunch out, the inevitable expectation is a flair of decadence whilst still keeping healthy choices at the helm. With that in mind here are some of my recommendations. Bearing in mind that the locations of choice are vast when living in London, so the following recommendations  are from one of my most favoured boroughs especially for weekend wanders, Notting Hill. The choices vary with their style of ambience and presentation, which is never a bad thing, variety is key when it comes to concocting a menu of choice.

First stop: Granger & Co

Located right in the heart of this colourful borough is this bustling spot. I forewarn you now, with its firm stance on a walk in policy there is always a queue which affirms its popularity, so brace yourself with a little patience.The silver lining; it’s worth the wait. With a breakfast menu on point which is both delicious and nutritious, the second element I most love about this spot is its ambience. It exudes a bright and happy energy, which may have something to do with its decor and founder. On all the occasions of my visit it buzzes with a relaxed and friendly energy, and the quality of food never seizes to fail expectations. The choices are versatile, my particular favourite at this spot has to be the toasted rye, avocado, lime and coriander with the added option of poached egg. The needed protein fix serves well.

2. Electric Diner

Now if you are in the mood for something a little different, which mystically transports you away from the authentic British Notting Hill feel without having to actually vacate the vicinity. Then may I point you in the direction of this uber-cool, retro American diner feel. Located in the middle of the infamous Portobello Road oozing with culture in all directions, this does justice in bringing that edgy American culture to the scene. With a menu packed with the expected brunch options, their american vibe can be tasted through its selection of milkshakes. With a choice of seating at the bar or booth, the diner experience is in full force with its presentation of food and diner ambience.

3. 202

This spot entails a little more style then you may anticipate for your brunching experience. 202 merges the West London high end fashion feel with a in house restaurant to accompany, equating to a more modern dining feel. Whilst seated in the restaurant amidst the stylish fashion setting, it oozes decadence with a edge of fashion allure. However it still maintains a relaxed and cosy feel, the service is friendly and attentive eliminating the qualms of any fashion diva attitudes when tucking into their enticing menu.

4. Daylesford

When I initially wondered in here, my expectation was to just simply browse their shelves which may I add is bursting with so much choice that it makes healthy eating feel heavenly easier. However, my wander brought me to their cafe situated towards the back of their store. Daylesford’s authentically organic brand presence is felt in their store and their cafe, keeping simplicity focal yet quality prime. Their menu is organic and fresh bringing a refreshingly authentic British country feel to your food and surroundings. Their bakery choices are scrumptious, this is a recommendation that certainly comes from experience and if your fancy for coffee strikes when choosing your food, their almond milk cappuccino never disappoints.

So there you are, my tailored menu of brunch spots when voyaging the passages of Notting hill. The recommendations are versatile offering possibilities that I hope quench your unique taste palette and mood for adventure.



Written by Gina Gambhir



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