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How Skyler Launched His Startup Journey in Silicon Valley

  Skyler Logsdon was a 20 year old college student when he started his first business, MyKlips; a mobile app that helps you get your favorite…


Why Should Companies Care About CSR

Imagine you are at the supermarket, trying to decide which shampoo to buy. There is Product A, which is environmentally friendly, and no animals were…


Weird Questions in Interviews and How to Answer Them

Most of us go through the process of sending our CVs to companies, attending interviews, and waiting for an answer. The most stressful part though…


Xi Jinping  – A Dictator Or China‘s New Developer? 

China’s current leader, Xi Jinping, is seeking to set himself up as ruler for life by abolishing the two-term limit of presidency. This rule was…


Rise And Fall Of Lehman Brothers Holdings Inc.

Men in suits, a cotton plant and and a long black table – this is the success story of Lehman Brothers which is brought onto…


How To Get The Internship of Your Dreams

Internships are basically a trial run of the real world, and we all know the application process can be very painful both physically and mentally.…


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