Earn Money At University Using These Methods

Earn Money At University

Earn Money At University


We all know the struggles of studying at university, we move to another city, try to meet new people and don’t wanna ask daddy for more bucks because we pretend to be mature from now on.

So here’s some ways to earn money at university and getting independent:


  1. Work as a Freelancer

Combine both your talent with your future career and make money out of it! Are you studying Graphic Design or Computer Science? Then get a job from your neighbored Bakery shop by designing their panels or program the new software at your own dentist.

By the way, working as a Freelancer will help creating your own portfolio as the experience you’ll get will enhance your CV.

  1. Sell on Second Hand Platforms

If you still have those old school books from 5th grade upon your wardrobe or cloths that you haven’t worn since decades, it’ s the perfect time to sell them now!

Create an account on platforms like Gumtree, Shopify, vinted.co.uk, Ebay, eBid or any other, grab your phone, take pictures, upload them and set a price…..that’s all! It’s never been so easy and fast to earn money.

  1. Trade with Crypto Currencies

There’s probably no one who has’t heard about Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies. In 2014, Bill Gates stated that Bitcoin is ‘better than currency’. Might be a deal!

Even if we’re not able to become Bitcoin billionaires like the Winklevoss twins, Crypto might be an option for you. Especially the Newcomers like ZCash, Neo and IOTA might be even more interesting.

Basically you need to create a wallet on bitcoin.de, blockchain.com, Coinbase, Bitfinex or any other to invest. Once you invested, you’ve good chances to gain, but be careful, you always need to be up to date and follow the news to make good decisions. There will probably be more regulations on crypto currencies, so watch out!

  1. Tutor

Give private lessons in any area that you’re talented in! Do you play an instrument or speak different languages? Teach it! Are you excellent in any school subject? Go and grab your neighbor’s child! (not literally)

There are many ways to get a tutoring job even in your school or university! Sometimes you can also find ads on Facebook platforms or blackboards….. Watch out for them! Some other platforms would be Gumtree, superprof.co.uk and upwork.com.

  1. Get a working student job

There are several jobs at your university departments, you should have a look on their billboards or sign to their course and check your Mails regularly as they will send out a letter when there’s a free position.

You should also have a look on your university’s job market platform! If you like doing research, assisting or tutoring there should be something for you. You can even find Internships near your location there!

Don’t skip online platforms like Stepstone, Jobtome, studentjob.co.uk and Facebook groups for working students!


Even if we are short of cash in college, there are plenty of possibilities without living beyond our means!

We will soon be covering more ways to earn money at university!




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