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Habits To Have in Your Friendships

Some of us enjoy hanging out with a single friend, while others enjoy larger friend groups. So we have to make some habits to not have unhealthy and abrasive friendships. Friendships are inevitable in our lives as we, as humans, are social creatures. But what are the habits that can help us benefit more from our friendships mutually? Let’s have a look;

Not Communicating 24/7

The key to a healthy friendship is not exceeding the amount of time you spend together. No matter how well you get along, you also need to spend time with other people and yourself. When two friends are together all the time, arguments and discomfort occur as there is nothing left to share and you become intolerant. So it’s better to set a limit on the time you spend together.

Being a Good Listener

The secret to good communication is being a good listener. This does not only mean listening without interrupting the speaker but also without judgment even if what is being told is against our thoughts. We should listen with patience and respect others’ opinions. This way, the other person feels good and secure, and our friendships become stronger.

Don’t Be Restrictive

Sometimes, especially in friendships that are individual, we become too attached. We become possessive of the other person and restrict them. We may feel uncomfortable when they hang out with another friend. When we mention this, it can cause problems in long term as restrictive behaviors may unbalance a healthy friendship and knock the people out. So we should admit that we are not their only friend and appreciate the time we spend together instead of becoming too possessive.

Learning To Say ‘No’

This one can be applied to every aspect of our lives as well as our friendships. People’s thoughts may not always match our rights and wants. But we shouldn’t say yes to the things we do not want because we feel pressured and think that it will hurt other people. We should prioritize our own happiness as we can’t spread it if we don’t feel it. So it is important to not be afraid of saying ‘no’. 

Respecting Their Space

You may define each other as best friends or you may be just two friends that get along well. Either way, you should learn to respect the other’s space and privacy. Friends share what they want to but forcing your friend to learn more and violating your friend’s privacy may disturb them. So it’s better to respect their privacy. 

These habits can lead to more healthy friendships and make the existing ones stronger and long-lasting.

Written by: Ekin Solak

Translated by: Begüm


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