How to LIFT Your Mood In 4 Easy Steps

lift your mood

How would you feel if I was to tell you that only 4 easy steps could brighten and lift your mood?

Yes count us all in!

Don’t we all have those days where you feel low, when leaving your bed just feels like torture or the easy things begin to drag … starting to sound familiar?

Sometimes it’s the small insignificant thought that clutters our mind and worries us more than its potential worth. At other times it is more of a personal deep matter that builds up into burden, it’s important to understand we all stress over one thing or another.

The key is to act before or as soon as you notice these thoughts and worries, as they start to bring you down and have an impact on your day to day or general wellbeing.

Everyone is different and we all deal with worry in our own different ways. It is not always simple but I find this breakdown will definitely simplify things, here are a few tips to LIFT your mood.

Firstly, pause and listen. Try Listening’– to what your body is telling you. Body language experts say that the body doesn’t lie, what you say or what comes to mind may not always be the utter truth but your body tells you exactly what you need to hear. In other terms try to understand what it is you really need, what to avoid or simply want more of.

This brings us to ‘Identifying’ the reasons why you feel the way you do, pinpoint and list the things that instantly jump out at you- this could be work, a certain friend or a situation. At this point all you need to do is recognise the nature of the problem. What is really bugging me?

Right. Once that is acknowledged, ‘Focus’ on what can be done. Think about the changes you can make, channel your energy and thoughts on how you would rather have things; vital thing here is to focus on how we can make changes – this might be as simple as more rest, more exercise, a new hobby or a more drastic decision of a career change.

Ok, now it is time to ‘Treat’ ourselves. Enough thinking, we have come to an understanding and it is time to take action. Do what makes you feel happy. Read, take long baths or crotchet- whatever takes your fancy. Craft your life and circumstances to the best that you can do, and give yourself what you really need. Pamper yourself, surround yourself with whatever it is that will make you feel good- remember you are your own boss.

At times therapy or medical advice maybe required, but don’t underestimate yourself, give these steps a chance and maybe you can ‘LIFT’ your spirits today!




Written by Nur




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