How Mindful Will You Be This Year?


mindfulness in 2018

Its 2018 and seeing as we are just at the glorious beginning of what we hope is a wondrous year ahead it only makes sense to start on a note of optimism with a refreshed new energy topped with that fiery zest to accomplish new goals and aspirations. However before we go about achieving our 2018 list of goals and dreams, lets just take a moment to stop and reassess the crucial modifications that may be needed to achieve this. If there is anything to be noted in this millennial era, these innovative and perhaps shall we say somewhat addictive technology platforms are somehow managing to take over our lives presenting us with what may be a not so obvious yet crucial irony.

As easy as technology has made it for us to feel more connected than ever to each other, we seem to be becoming increasingly disconnected from ourselves. Our daily rituals have slowly but surely shifted towards encompassing a greater value for our virtual presence with an unequal appreciation for our physical, in the now presence. And that dear millennials is the très bizarre irony presenting our millennial time.

Don’t worry, this isn’t an attempt to alarm you or dampen that new year spirit, in fact the notion to address this is quite the contrary, so bear with us. The good and more uplifting news is that our attention and focus to well being is also growing and strengthening. It is growing to embody so much more than simply healthy eating and working out, more than ever greater emphasis and value is on our state of mental and emotional well being. Which rightly so are equal pillars to our development and success as an individual in these demanding times.

This therefore brings us to that much needed modification that may just ease our journey towards achieving those great milestones we have on the horizon of this new year with more of a sense of inner harmony; the practice of mindfulness.

So what is Mindfulness?

Professor Jon Kabat-Zinn (founder of MBSR – mindfulness-based stress reduction) defines mindfulness as “paying attention; on purpose, in the present moment and non-judgementally.” To further add to his definition of what appears to be a simple practice yet is still quite abstract in our current digital chaos, he believes that the mind and heart have to simply work together for us to work in harmony as whole beings.

This practice comes with some pretty incredible benefits too which may be of interest and help relieve some of those more commonly inflicted millennial side effects. It has evidently been shown to reduce stress, anxiety and depression. The practice itself entails the technique more easily understood as meditation which encourages you to allocate a certain amount of time, which by the way is completely down to your discretion of comfort (yes you are in control!) in which you are able to practice the art of being more present with your thoughts and surroundings without any external distractions.

Now, this may not be as easy as it sounds however, this is the perfect opportunity for “practice makes perfect’.  And because we are all about unleashing our inner strengths this year to achieve our better and best yet, we believe that to achieve the balance in our outer world, we must start from the crucial core of our being.

The ethos is simple, the execution a little more challenging, but since when do you let a challenge deter you from something greater? This is your year after all, there is no challenge too great, nor mountain too high.


Written by Gina Gambhir




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