3 Successful Women’s Stories That Will Inspire You

stories of successful women

While pursuing our dreams, we search for opportunities continuously, work really hard, and try to accomplish everything at once. Facing failures and rejections on our way to success, we may become disappointed. But the essential thing is to not give up and continue to work hard. Sometimes failures lead to greater successes, or we discover that we can be better in different fields.

What really matters is that, at the end, we can be happy with what we do. Girls, never lose hope, work hard, and you will kill it!


Here are stories of three famous and successful women that will definitely motivate you.


  1. Emma Stone

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Most of us, probably, were stunned by awe-inspiring story of Sebastian, a jazz pianist and Mia, an aspiring actress in La La Land. Emma Stone’s incredible performance as Mia in this film earned her an Oscar for The Best Actress in 2017. In fact, Mia’s desire and eagerness to become an actress is very familiar to Stone. Due to her ultimate ambition to act in Hollywood, she left high school and made a presentation, called “ Project Hollywood” using Madonna’s “Hollywood” song to her parents. After that creative and convincing tactic, Stone moved to Los Angeles with her mother. She admitted in one of her interviews, “I went up for every single show on the Disney Channel and auditioned to play the daughter on every single sitcom, but ended up getting none”. She has been utterly determined to get considerable roles that dyed her naturally blonde hair dark brown. However, the films that she starred in until the Easy A, including Superbad, The Rocker failed to bring her success. With the breakthrough in Easy A, she played in quite successful movies and received BAFTA, Golden Globes, and Academy Awards. Stone’s performance in her last film, Battle of Sexes was considered by many critics as the best performance of her career but the film became to be a box office failure.

What becomes clear is that there can be ups and downs in life, and it is pretty normal. We just should stay determined and never give up.



  1. Margaret Atwood


Margaret Atwood, who became more well-known with the adaptation of her famous novel- Handmaid’s Tale to Tv series, is an internationally renown famous author. Atwood’s remarkable poems and novels earned her over fifty five awards, including Booker Prize and Arthur C. Clarke Award. Nevertheless, as she noted, there were sometimes challenges and failures behind her subsequent successes.

The author started writing plays, poems, and and even novels when she was only six years old. During her studies in Victoria College, University of Toronto and Radcliffe College in Cambridge, she never stopped putting down her ideas and thoughts. One of the key elements that allowed Atwood to demonstrate her skills in various genres successfully was that reviews about her works did not worry about the author too much. On the other hand, she also mentioned in her interviews about several times when she expected create something but achieved nothing. For example, once she went on holiday in winter for bird watching and writing; however, she could not organise her mind and therefore stopped writing. After six months of futile attempts, Atwood overcame the challenges and created the incredible Handmaid’s Tale, adaptation of which won Primetime Emmy and Golden Globes Awards. What becomes clear is that Margaret Atwood’s secret of success has visibly been her perseverance.


  1. Sophia Webster


The colourful and exquisite shoes and accessories of 32 years old British designer- Sophia Webster are sold in over 200 retailers around the world. However, this young woman even did not know that she could obtain a degree in shoe design.

When Webster was a teenager, she took dance and gymnastics classes as an enthusiastic freestyle disco dancer. Later, her interest in art and sculpture led her to attend Camberwell College of Arts in London. During live drawing and fashion illustration classes, Webster discovered that she mostly concentrated on different models of shoes. Then, she entered London College of Fashion to excel at footwear design. The turning point of her career was becoming Nicholas Kirkwood’s assistant after getting her master’s degree from the Royal College of Art. In one of her interviews, the designer acknowledged that instead of hurrying to establish a company, she devoted all her time to learning all the technicalities of shoemaking. Webster also confirmed that her studies in woodworking and sculpting play key role in the design of complicated models.

Despite finding out her true talent and interest a little bit later, Sophia Webster’s hard work guaranteed her success at such a young age. She stated, “I think we are always learning – its important you face challenges because overcoming them is where the most valuable lessons are learnt and where you realise how to do things better moving forwards”.


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