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The Perfect Coffee Guide: Brewing Methods

Can’t spend a day without a cup of coffee or need one single shot of espresso to wake up in the morning? Love coffee so much but can’t decide which one to order so just get regular filter coffee all the time? Let me be your coffee guide as you turn into a coffee gourmet. Today we review the most common brewing methods.


Came across a big glassy thing filled with black coffee with its fume on? It’s called Chemex and the strongest and most intense flavor I’ve ever seen. This flavor comes from the method itself since it wets all of the coffee grounds as it steeps. Chemex filters are designed to remove oily and fatty part of the coffee grounds and prevent sediments.

French Press

This method is one of the simplest and produces the strongest cup of coffee in terms of caffeine and flavor. When other methods are considered, this one is the “cleanest” method since there are no chemicals involved in the brewing process. The formula is simple: hot water + coffee grounds. Boiled water brewing helps to preserve the most important part of the coffee grounds: antioxidants and chlorogenic acids which are found to be good for diseases such as Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s and Dementia.

Here’s a tip that I frequently use to have the best taste: pour the right amount of coffee for yourself, add some water just the amount to cover the grounds and wait for a minute so all of the grounds are wet, and then pour the rest of the water and wait another 4 minutes. Viola! Enjoy your coffee.

Cold Brew

Cold brew coffee is literally brewed with cold water for 18 to 24 hours. This much time before you drink it comes with a good side effect: it’s less acidic than regular coffee therefore good for reflux.

Instant Drip

Woke up in the morning with literally no energy to spend a huge amount of time to prepare yourself a cup of this magical drink? Here you have the easiest method ever: standard drip. Most of the machines even have a timer installed in so that you wake up to the smell of fresh coffee.

Moka Pot

The only method using a stove… Produces a strong, concentrated and espresso-like flavor and literally uses no electricity. Unless you’re using an electric stove 🙂 The setup is cheap and easy to purchase, almost all of the coffee shops sell Moka pots come in a variety of colors.


Espresso is basically hot water going through coffee grounds very fast and producing a strong flavor in a creamy way. Most of the lists hanging on the wall of coffee shops consist of beverages made with different combinations of water, milk, and espresso. To be more specific, Americano is Espresso with hot water while Cappuccino is Espresso+milk and a layer of milk foam at the top.


Lately the most popular technique among travelers and definitely fastest one on the list! The basic principle of this method is to use gravity and a little bit of pressure and your coffee is ready in nearly 20 seconds. This method produces coffee with higher pH, less acidic. The setup is light and compact consisting of only three pieces. Though the caffeine level is a little bit lower than usual.




Written by Anastasia


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