Tired of Perfect Lives on Instagram? Us too.

Visuals of the ‘perfect life’ are rife on Instagram, leaving us average folk sometimes feeling unsatisfactory with our looks, achievements and life style.

The enchanting fantasy of combining a killer OOTD while sipping a skinny soy latte on a bike, at high speed, passing under the Eiffel Tower all pictured in one click with #no filter, is an image deemed necessary for female digital success.photo

If this world of perfection is draining you, try and change the content that you are consuming to something more relatable.

Here are two women who rock the ‘everyday realness’ vibe.  Give them a follow if you’re in need of a change from posts on how to create an ‘Insta Brow’. They keep it authentic and breathe fresh air in to the platform.



A woman who can write ‘vagina’ 58 times in one piece for the Telegraph must be pretty bad ass.

Bryony Gordon did that.

This journalist runs marathons for charity, is the founder of Mental Health Mates and is the bestselling author behind The Wrong Knickers.

On her social media Bryony talks openly about her struggles with bulimia, drug addiction and OCD. She avoids glossing over the struggles of life and proves how common they are for so many women.

Bryony is consistent with her posts only in how raw they are, and their normality proves that she is a pretty relatable woman. She comes across as someone who you’d genuinely want to have a chat with over coffee, and you wouldn’t shock her with any issues that you have.


Take a look at her feed and you won’t find an aesthetically pleasing account full of pink filtered photos.  You will however find her bleaching her moustache, preaching feminism and shouting about mental health.



If you’re a frequent YouTube viewer, you may have come across the Canadian girl boss that is Estee Lalonde.

Her videos are clean, informative and always possess a chic Scandinavian ambience. However, it is her latest venture that is getting women talking.

Estee uses The Heart of it Podcast as a platform to talk about topics that she is passionate about, it’s a place where she and her guests can speak their mind.

The Instagram account posts updates on her latest talks, ranging from tattoos and make-up to feminism in 2017.

If you need a reminder that you’re a powerful strong woman, take a look, and have a listen to Estee.

These two women highlight a large community of women who keep it real. This isn’t to say that the make-up gurus and bloggers are doing it wrong, they’re winning! But sometimes it’s nice to step back and realise that at the end of the day, even the chicest people love a day in pyjamas.




Written by Lily Hewitson







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