The Toilet Paper Face Mask That Will Give Your Skin A Break

Toilet Paper Face Mask

If you’re getting ready for a night out or a special occasion and your skin is feeling a bit lacklustre, turning to multiple beauty products can sometimes be the wrong solution. A lot of product can build up on the skin not allowing make up to settle properly or allowing it to set, resulting in a patchy mess. I’m sure we’ve all been there! STRESS!

There could be a solution though, with this easy and (pretty much) free face mask. If you have toilet paper, running water and a fridge then you’re sorted. We’re making a toilet paper face mask!


Take a couple of squares of toilet paper, still attached to each other, and fold them over. Do this so that there are many layers, the overall shape doesn’t matter.

Do this a few times so that you have a couple of toilet paper parcels (enough that will cover your face). One by one put each parcel under cold running water. Don’t do this for too long as the paper simply won’t hold all of the water, just make sure that the whole piece is wet. Once you have done this to all of the pieces, place them on a plate and put them in the fridge for half an hour to an hour.


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30 minutes before you want to get ready for your night out take the submerged parcels out of the fridge, lay down and place each one individually over your freshly cleansed face and neck, lightly pressing so that they mould to your face. Lay there for 15 to 20 minutes. Don’t fall asleep! You have plans!

Once you feel like you’re going to be late because you’ve nearly fallen asleep, take the paper off and carry on with your make up routine. You should feel fresh, your pores will look smaller and you will appear more awake. Your purse will also feel a litter lighter thanks to the trusty loo roll!

This trick surprisingly works and is the perfect way of tightening and brightening your face before an event. If you have acne this is also a great way to calm down inflamed spots and reduce redness in the skin.


Written by Lily Hewitson



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