How To Save Money This Season

save money

save money this season

Everyone loves Christmas unless you are the Grinch and hate food, lights, hot chocolate and Michael Bublé.  However some shops seem to confuse Christmas with summer. Pine trees or ornaments are not to be sold with sunscreen unless you live in Australia, but can you really blame them? We love Christmas (and buying new things) so much that businesses are surely trying to make the most it.

Another year has passed most of us still haven’t lost the 5kg we promised ourselves… This time around there is a big struggle of  buying people gifts, tickets to ice-skating and ballet shows. You may even be planning a short escape to a beautiful Christmas city. Or maybe writing budgeting lists to balance all your income and expenses for a month full of going-outs, dinners, home parties, family reunions, presents giving, new clothes for the office party…what else?


Wait a moment, a… month? Yes, it is supposed to last more or less a month, but the amount of money that is about to be spent this month equals 3 (more like 9) months… But don’t worry, we’ve put up a list together to help you to pay rent by the 31st! Here’s our tips on how to save money this gifting season!

  1. Make a list of the gifts you are buying (and who you are buying for)

Once we get in the gifting mood, there’s not much that can stop us until we spend all our money. Before you know it, you’ve bought a selfie toaster to your cousin’s teacher’s kids. Just make a list of all the people you would like to give back to this year and attribute a price list to each gift. This will help you see how much (approximately) you will be spending on gifts this year – and try and stick to it! You can also consider sending cards instead of gifts just to remind friends they’re on your mind.

  1. Buy Online

Yes we all love a bit of Christmas shopping, amazing window displays, the warmth of the shops after wandering around in the cold, some Christmas music and festivities everywhere… However shopping online is better for price comparison, and thinking twice before buying (without the anxiety of a sales person following you around). Nothing’s keeping you from wandering around the shops around Christmas time, but purchasing gifts online will definitely help!

  1. Organise

If you’re not the calendar type, this might seem very unnecessary but keeping a diary of what you’re doing, when, who with can really help this month. It’ll allow you not only to not get overwhelmed during the holidays but also to see plan ahead of time outfits, gifts and add on activities you like to do during the season.


Enjoy yourself this season with your family and friends but stay aware that once Christmas and New Years is over, it’s only a matter of time until Valentine’s Day and Mother’s Day and Father’s Day and Pet’s Day and so many more! But let’s take it slow and enjoy everything one step at a time 🙂


Written by Blanca Morales











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