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What Exactly Are You Putting On Your Face?

Isn’t it weird that all of us have a skincare routine, yet so little of us know exactly what we put on our faces? Throughout the day we put maybe 2 maybe 7 different skincare products on our faces, and hats off to the person who knows exactly what is inside all those products.

I want to introduce you to the peace of mind of knowing what does good to your skin. BYSARAH, a London based brand are on a mission to bring transparency to skin care with upfront labelling; and their story is one worth listening. I am already an avid lover of their products and have been using them everyday for the past two months. I would recommend the organic introductory set that includes an organic lip balm and a travel size of their award winning facial oil.

We have had the opportunity to interview Sarah, the founder of BYSARAH London about her brand, her story and journey. We hope you enjoy the read, and get inspired by her story!

1.Could you tell us a little bit about yourself and your background?

I’m Sarah, the founder of BY SARAH. Prior to launching BY SARAH, I spent 10 years in branding and communications, working for the world’s leading beauty and lifestyle brands. You’ll now find me in our Studio developing new, botanical blends or on our Instagram, connecting with customers and brands that share our values and are super excited about our mission!

2.What is the story behind the brand?

Our mission to bring clarity, transparency and simplicity to skincare, and to pioneer upfront labelling was borne out of a frustration I encountered several years ago. My sister (and business partner), Lauren, was diagnosed with leukaemia in 2012 and suffered with very sensitive skin when recovering from months of treatment. She needed sensitive skincare and while searching in shops and online, I was left disappointed and confused at trying to understand exactly what was inside many skincare ranges – including many natural and organic products which had long, cryptic ingredient lists and sometimes confusing and misleading labelling.

So, I decided to curate my own all-natural, certified-organic and ethically-sourced plant-based ingredients to hand-blend my own skincare, so that I knew exactly what was inside them. And the finest of my blends have become BY SARAH – beautiful all-natural and organic skincare that puts clarity first.

Lauren (left) and Sarah (right)

3.What’s the ultimate goal for By Sarah?

I often ask people – “Do you know what’s inside your skincare?” – and the response is often “No! I find it all totally confusing”. At BY SARAH, we passionately believe you should know exactly what you’re putting on your skin. That’s why we detail a FULL ingredient list on the FRONT of each of our products. With no hidden, artificial or synthetic ingredients, we’re proud to be bringing greater clarity, transparency and simplicity to skincare. And we’re hoping to pioneer a real shift in the industry too!

4.How do you decide the ingredients that go into a product?

I spent many years researching and testing the powers of plant-based ingredients to create delicate, bespoke blends designed to nourish every skin type. Carefully curating each of our ingredients from ethical sources around the world has been an important part of our journey, ensuring that each ingredient serves a purpose when featuring in our skincare collection, and that it has been certified organic by The Soil Association. It is something we constantly evaluate to ensure we are working with an ethical supply chain and sourcing only the finest all-natural and organic ingredients.

5.Is there any advice you would give to young girls that also want to start their own business?

If you have a passion and a desire to make a positive difference in the world, follow your dreams and go for it! We have met so many truly inspiring female entrepreneurs since launching BY SARAH, and platforms like The Geam are great way to gain ideas and seek inspiration!



Written by Melisa Beleli



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