What is a Slot?


A Slot is a rectangular area on an ice hockey field. The term refers to the fourth position on the ice in an ice hockey flying display. The word is derived from the Latin word “slotus”, which means “a place in the rink”. It has many synonyms, including job opening, assignment, or position. For instance, a slot in a copy desk is occupied by the chief copy editor. It is also cognate with the German word schloss, which stands for a castle.

A slot is a computer connector that provides a more secure connection to the processor. The first slot was introduced in 1997 by Intel Corporation. In 1999, AMD introduced its own version of the slot, known as the Slot A. The two versions are not compatible. The third version of the slots, known as Slot B, was released in 2003 by Intel. It was a larger slot, which is compatible with Pentium II processors. Unlike the original slot, today’s computers do not have slots. Instead, they use sockets.

A slot is a computer’s opening for adding extra hardware. It is usually referred to as an expansion slot. This allows a user to extend the capabilities of the computer. It accepts add-on boards. Another type of slot is a bay, which is a site within a computer where disk drives are installed. The slots are found on the front and back of the computer. This helps in controlling air traffic. The slots also help in preventing repeated delays caused by multiple flights.

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