What Is a Slot?

A slot is a small, narrow opening, groove, or recess. For example, in the postal service, a mail slot is a place where you can put mail. Likewise, slot is used to describe an airplane. If you want to make a reservation at a restaurant at 2 p.m., you can simply slot the meal into a table at the same time. The idea is that a slot is a convenient and secure way to store and retrieve mail.


A slot, also known as a socket, is a way for airplanes to connect to a computer. The main purpose of this connector is to make the process of upgrading a computer’s processor easier. The first slot, called Slot 1, was released by the Intel Corporation in 1997, followed by AMD’s Slot A in 1999. The second slot, called Slot 2, was larger and used with Pentium II processors. Today, few new computers come with a chip with a physical slot. Instead, a CPU is fitted into a socket.

A Slot is also known as a socket. This connector is typically found in the motherboard of a PC. The name “slot” refers to the type of connection between the processor and the motherboard. The original slot is called a “slot” and was developed by the Intel Corporation. After a couple of years, AMD released its own slot called “Slot A.” However, both of these are incompatible with Slot 1, which is the most common connector. In 1999, Intel introduced the smaller “Slot 2,” which was larger than Slot 1. Both of these slots have subsequently been replaced by sockets and are not found on new computers.

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