How to Win Big at a Casino

To protect customers, casinos have implemented sophisticated security measures. Security measures start on the casino floor, where employees keep watch on all game activity. Dealers, for example, are focused on their own game and can spot cheating, but the table managers and pit bosses can keep an eye on their patrons. Casinos also monitor the roulette wheel for statistical deviations. Lastly, slot machines are controlled by computer chips, so that no one can see the betting spots on the floor.

Since gambling is a high-risk activity, casinos have invested a large part of their budgets in attracting high rollers – players who spend much more than the average customer. High rollers gamble in exclusive rooms away from the main floor, with stakes of tens of thousands of dollars. High rollers make the casinos a lot of money and enjoy lavish personal attention and comps worth hundreds of thousands of dollars. But not all casinos are created equal.

The house edge is higher the longer a customer plays at the casino. This rake grinds players into insolvency. Additionally, the lack of windows and clocks in casinos ensure that players do not realize they are losing money. Many players, especially first-timers, are pleasantly surprised to be offered free drinks at the casino. However, these freebies can cost you money, since intoxication can affect your judgment when you place your bets.

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