How to Design a Casino to Attract and Retain Customers


Casino, the 1995 Martin Scorsese film set in Sin City, isn’t just about gangsters and a mob war. It’s about how the casino business reflects the ebb and flow of human desires, ambitions, and needs. It is, in short, a perfect movie about the casino industry.

Casino was the first major motion picture to explore how a casino can be designed to attract and retain customers. Its design ideas have been adopted by many casinos since, especially with the rise of e-sports and virtual reality as new ways for guests to engage in gaming environments.

A good casino knows that its primary appeal lies not just in the games themselves, but also in the environment that surrounds them. The bright lights, the sounds of coins dropping (even though they stopped using actual pennies years ago), and the clinking noises of the slot machines all play on our senses to create an upbeat atmosphere that makes people want to stay and play.

The same can be said of a casino’s dining and entertainment options. Guests are often hungry and thirsty while they are on the floor, so food and beverage managers must work hard to create a menu that is both appealing and satisfying. Likewise, the entertainment offerings of a casino should be varied and include live music and performances to help patrons escape the grind of everyday life for a while. These strategies can increase customer retention and make the casino more profitable over time.

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